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Dhumal Industries, Company

Dhumal Industries is a customer oriented, forward looking organization with people who take pride in satisfying the farmer's need with superior quality products and services. The company was established in 1979 by Mr. Anil Dhumal and since then has become a pioneering force involved in the design, manufacture and supply of poultry equipments. Our reputation is the result of many factors such as high quality of products and services, customer care, a vast dealer network and long term customer relationships. Dhumal Products are class apart with their attractive and distinctive features and are synonymous in the market for their excellent Quality and Ease of operation. Research & Development combined with excellent business ethics has been the cornerstone of evolution and growth of Dhumal. The company enjoys national leadership in its business, being the largest producer of drinking and feeding systems in India, and has collaborations with leading international companies and also exports its products to many countries. We, at Dhumal, ensure that our customers always receive the latest and most reliable technology. On the market We offer customized solutions catering to your specific needs from open houses to sophisticated E.C. Houses.
Products And Services
Control Panel for EC house
In stock 
Description : The Control panel helps control the total system, ie Feeding, Brooding, Fans & Controllers like AC-2000 and REC-8R etc.
Group: Control and protection board
Infraconic Gas Brooder 5000
In stock 
Description : In a poultry farm chicks require 85°F-90°F or 30°C-32°C temperature. Using Traditional methods like bulb or coal, insufficient and uneven heat was generated which resulted in mortality and poor growth. To eliminate these problems DHUMAL INDUSTRIES proudly presents Gas brooder...
Group: Units for animal industries and poultry farming
Cooling System Semi Automatic Feeder
In stock 
Description : Description : The Shutter is traditionally the weak point in Conventional fans. But in this Euroemme fan shutter system which utilizes centrifugal energy generated by propeller to open the shutter has the following advantages : 1. Counter Weights are not required. 2. Shutters are...
Group: Machines and the equipment for poultry farming
Watering System Green Nipple
In stock 
Description : If you prefer the advantages provided by enclosed overhead watering systems, the Nipple Drinker System is for you. The Nipple Drinker System is the answer to your watering needs from day one to maturity. Tentative pin movement does not affect the counterweight so that even...
Group: Drinking bowls for poultry
Transport Tray- Poultry Cage
In stock 
Poultry cages fro live birds transportation has special rigid design. Top wide door helps in easy loading of birds. No legs and beak injuries.Excellent ventilation.Hygienic - Easy to clean by water or steam.Minimum bird weight shrinkage in transportation.Firmly stackable.High stability and secure...
Group: Boxes made of plastic (PET)
Plastic Flooring- Slatt (Black)
In stock 
The Slatts are made from high quality plastic and provide clean and healthier environment, reduce the risk of bird injury and disease and permits higher yield. For broiler Breeders the area required is 2.25 per sq.ft.
Group: Ventilating lattices
Feeding System- Chick Feeding Tray
In stock 
Chick Feeding Tray facilitates day old chick to eat easily.
Group: Drinking systems for poultry
Chick Box Trolley
In stock 
Specially Designed, User friendly and most convenient to carry around Chick Boxes and Poultry Cages, inside the hatchery and from hatchery to transport vehicle.
Group: Boxes made of plastic (PET)
Poultry Cage Trolley
In stock 
Size 25" x 18" x 4"4 Cages can be loaded at a timeEasy to handleBest for transportation of birds for hatcheryPowder coated mild steel materialSolid Plastic wheels.
Group: Storage trolleys
Watering System Breeder Drinker 2103250
In stock 
Dhumal, the market leader in drinking systems for the past 25 years, proudly presents its range of bell drinkers and nipple systems for broilers, layers and breeders. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantees you optimum performance for best results. Dhumal Industries...
Group: Drinking bowls for integrated poultry farms


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